Causes of Liver Damage

Because the liver handles both metabolism and toxic waste you can damage your liver by mishandling both.

Alcohol is not the only cause of liver damage

Metabolic-wise, obesity is the primary culprit. When you too much sugar/fat more fat is stored in the liver than it can handle leading to a fatty liver. The fat piled up in these cells takes up precious resources eventually leading to cell death.

From a toxic point of you, the primary cause of liver damage is alcohol – even modest amounts of it cause liver damage. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol does not protect against heart disease: early studies shown that it did because the group of people that didn’t drink included both people who never drank and people who stopped because of alcohol-related health problems. Obviously, people who stopped for alcohol related problems diet sooner.

Another important toxic are drugs. I am talking about drugs¬†prescribed¬†by your doctor, that get all the bad rep, but also “natural” remedies, herbs, illegal drugs, smoking, caffeine, oils… There isn’t a single exception to this – not even the drugs that heal liver damage cause some degree of liver work (fortunately they promote regeneration in a much larger scale).

Finally, food is another source of toxic substances. Sugar and fat are the primary causes, like we have seen, but also pesticides, human-added substances, and even toxic waste produced by the food itself, like oxidants and protecting chemicals.

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