Liver Detox

It’s time to see what you can do to reverse or prevent liver damage. The first step is usually detoxing. Though it is really not necessary it can help and I recommend one at least once a year and no more than once every three months.

A Liver Detox

Detoxing signals your liver to start healing itself. During this process the liver starts burning the fat inside its cells and shifting focus from pilling up more fat to healing its cells.

The process is very simple: for a couple days to a week eat only fruit and vegetable juices (raw). You can try different juices but you mustn’t add sugar or milk: plain fruit and vegetables.

If you have diabetes you may want to limit this to a day and talk to your doctor first (in fact, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor whenever you change your diet). Your diabetes will eventually go away if it is type II diabetes and you can complete a full liver detox then.

During these weeks you will first feel hungry and maybe even malaise, but eventually these feelings will go away and you will feel fresh and renewed. Try it.

If you are taking any drugs that can be halted do so, but again consult your physician first. Stop the intake of caffeine and alcohol and, if possible, stop smoking.

If you are taking any liver protecting homeopathic remedy you can continue to take it during this period, but any other remedy, even natural ones, should be stopped if they can.

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